Beautiful Smiles and Sounds photo booths are a great way to create fun memories for guests at any wedding, birthday party, bachelorette party or any other event! Our photo booths are a playful way to not only involve your guests in your event but also to make sure they have a meaningful favor to take home.
Our booths are open air providing you with all the space you need to fit everyone you want in every photo. We set up, tear down and stay in the interim so you’re never without an attendant helping guests with their needs. Fun, excitement, silliness, and an awesome keepsake photo of themselves so they’ll never, ever forget your super fun event.

With Beautiful Smiles and Sounds Photo Booths



The Fun 360 Revo Spin Booth

Take your event to the next level with our 360 Fun Booth, with Automatic Spin.  This will make your party the hottest around.  If you are truly looking for a unique experience for your event, this is the booth you are looking for!

Beautiful Smiles Mirror Booth

Your event will stand out and dazzle your guest with this Mirror Booth, with multi-color LED’s and a light touch Sensor. Equipped with a multi-flash and cutting edge bounce card.  This booth will produce a crisp and elegant photo. This booth will make your event magnificent!

The Booth Master Smiles Booth

Our Entourage Booth is great for any occasion. Keep away from those prying eyes while posing for glamorous, silly or private photos. Or grab your entourage and see how many people you can cram into your photo. Entourage photo Booth is basically our Swiss Army Knife of our photo booths

The Cloee Smiles Ring Booth

Are you ready for this showstopper to be part of your event.  This booth offers much more than a traditional photo booth!  Built in speakers, high def-webcam, touch screen, all in one computer, and beautiful LED lights to attract your guest to this booth.  Let the Cloee capture your events Beautiful Smiles!